Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Examples Of Interrogative Sentences In English

A sentence that asks a question is known as an interrogative sentence. In English grammar, this term is used to form the questions. It means that if the grammatical form of a sentence shows that it is a question, it is known as an interrogative sentence. At the beginning of the interrogative sentences, we use some essential words like who, which and where, etc.

Different languages have different rules to form the interrogative sentences because these languages have different rules to insert interrogative particles. At the end of the interrogative sentence, we put the question mark ‘?’.

Examples Of Interrogative Sentences In English

Some common examples of the interrogative sentences in English are given below;

  1. Do you want to go to the USA?
  2. Did you see William in the lawn?
  3. Have you visited this place ever before?
  4. Can you help me to get rid of this misery situation?
  5. Can you give me your English grammar book for a few days?
  6. Are you preparing for the exams?
  7. Can you help me to lift this load?
  8. What is your aim in life?
  9. Did you make a plan to solve this particular problem?
  10. Are you smoking now?
  11. Does he care about your baby?
  12. Can you open the door for me?
  13. Have you completed the math homework?
  14. Would you like to eat bananas?
  15. Which is the shortest path to reach school?
  16. How to get the best grades in the exams?
  17. How to find the best resources to complete the coursework?
  18. How to be healthy?
  19. Where did you lose your car keys?
  20. Where have you bought your new shoes?
  21. Was this dish delicious?
  22. Have you enjoyed the movie?
  23. Do you like cookies?
  24. Are you feeling better after taking this medicine?
  25. Will you like to go outside?
  26. How do you open this door?
  27. Where are the keys to this room?
  28. Do you like to eat meat at dinner?
  29. Are you working in Paris?
  30. Are you living in Paris?
  31. How people are living in the deserts?
  32. Do you like to watch TV serials?
  33. What is your favorite TV serial?
  34. Why are you getting so late?

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