Why A US Based Company Called META Wants 20m$ From Facebook?

Meta is another major step in social connectivity. On 28th October 2021, Facebook CEO introduced the new term, Meta. The prime focus of Meta is to bring technology and apps under one brand name. It will help people to get in touch with others without communicating. Apart from this, it will help people to find communities and grow their businesses. It will be a hybrid form of today’s social platform and experiences. It will also allow you to share your social experiences with others even if you are not together. It will also help you to make things possible that were possible earlier. You can say that it is a major breakthrough in technology and social life. Meta is a 3D space. It will help you to learn, socialize and collaborate. Apart from this, it will help you to play in a way you never imagined.

The major reason behind the name change is rebranding. According to the CEO, the name does not reflect what they are offering. The company owns different social platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus. All these three, with other social connections, will start working under the same name. The company has hired a team of 100,000 dedicated employees. It will help the company to develop a Metaverse. The company will consider virtual reality, augmented reality and smart glasses. The company is investing $150 million in AR, VR training and resources. This investment aims to help learners, creators and developers. It will help them to learn new skills and access new technologies. It will be only possible in the metaverse. It will help the company to remain transparent and empowerment. It will also help the company attract a new audience and help new users join the platform.

At the same time, there is an Arizona-based tech company has come forward. The name of the company is Meta PC. The founder of the company is Nick Stulic. It was launched a year ago. It is dealing with the selling of computers, laptops and tablets. Apart from this, it is dealing with technological software. In August, the company filed a trademark application. The company filed this trademark application with US Patent and Trademark Office. The prime purpose of this application was to use the trademark Meta for technology use. It aims to develop custom PCs for high-performance gaming. It also aims to provide world-class support in the field of gaming. It has years of experience in PC building even before its official launch. It has hired industry veterans for growing the PC market. The mission of the company is to develop world-class PCs and Meta PC on every gaming desk.

According to research by a dissertation writing service UK, the company aims to use superior components with award-winning integration. Apart from this, it offers professional support to meet the demand of gaming PCs. The company applied for the trademark in August. But, it is interesting to know that the US Patent and Trademark Office has not approved the trademark. At the same time, Facebook has also rebranded itself as Meta. So, it is a huge debate which company will get the trademark first. Meta PC is accusing Facebook of stealing their name. According to the official statement by Meta PC, Facebook stole its name. In the official statement, it also said that they stole our livelihood. Meta PC has decided to file legal action against Facebook. The CEO of Meta PC also said that they did not have the power to buy us. So, they used the power of media to bury us. The CEO also said that he was not surprised by such tactics. Apart from this, he also said that there is no such thing as transparency when it comes to Facebook. The company claims one thing and does another thing.

To deal with the situation, Meta PC has filed legal action against Facebook. The company said that it would sell its name for 20 million dollars. We all want to see the broader picture here. Facebook committed trademark infringement after calling itself Meta. The CEO of Meta PC stated that Facebook officials are acting in bad faith. He further said that it is not only towards them but to all the humans. The company has decided to sue Facebook for violating the rules of social networking. Apart from this, the company will sue Facebook for copyright infringement. Facebook lawyers have also approached the company for selling the name. The company has refused their every offer many times. On 20th October 2021, a Facebook attorney got in touch with the Meta PC. They offered them a very low price for selling their name that the company refused. It was the point where they got to know that Facebook wanted them to sell their name.

Once turning down the offer, the attorney said that they would respect their right. The attorney also said that Facebook would respect the right of registration of Meta PC. But, Facebook could not keep its words. On 28th October, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. It was the time when the company made a big mistake. They intentionally committed trademark infringement. Now, Meta PC said it will sell its name for 20 million dollars if Facebook still wants their name. The company has taken legal action against Facebook for violating the trademark rules.

On 28th October 2021, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. The company aims to bring all its social platforms including Instagram under one parent company. It also aims to bring a revolution in the technological field. It will be a 3D platform for learning, socializing and collaboration. But, there is another company, Meta PC. It deals with computers, laptops and tablets. The company aims to develop high-performance gaming PCs. Meta PC has sued Facebook for copyright violation. Apart from this, the company aims to sell its name for 20 million dollars. The CEO said that they did not have the power to buy us; that’s why they used our name. Meta PC applied for the trademark in August 2021, but it is not approved yet.