Define Functionalism in Psychology

Psychology is the study of mind and brain problems. In psychology, we highlight the main aspects of the human mind and we discuss what things affect the human brain. Without psychological study, we are unable to judge the function and parts of the human brain. To write an essay or assignment on a topic related to psychology you can get help from Essay Writing Services provider company.

Functionalism in psychology

Actually, functionalism is a theory presented by Edward L. Thorndike. This theory refers to a school of thought in whom we examine the utility of attention and the purpose of behaviour and it examines the behavior of the human mind that is existed for many years. He is best known for his unshakable confidence and experiments in psychology. The theory of functionalism is related to structuralism. As we know that structuralism is related to the text as well as content, similarly functionalism is related to the human brain and its functions. Catherine Kelsey has rightly pinpointed that functionalism is the process of the human brain and the moment of consciousness and unconsciousness.

According to William James

William James is the father of psychology and he has founded the theory of functionalism. Actually, functionalism is opposed to structuralism. We cannot complete our work with the knowledge of William James. He is doctor, philosopher and a good writer. He has stated that functionalism is the study of consciousness and consciousness that helps human beings to adapt and select new environment. The change of environment will change the mind of human beings. However, this theory presents different perspectives in which we can understand the positive effects of the human mind.

Different critics have presented different views about the theory of functionalism.

Most people have criticized it at a large scale. A few critics have said that functionalism is a philosophical thought and it has no real existence. However, it is a complete and thought-provoking theory that gives us complete information about the human mind. The theory of behaviouristic has rejected the function of human behaviour.

According to the followers of behaviouristic theory, functionalism in psychology is based on uncontrolled experiments that give us unnecessary information.

It is not eligible to give us complete information that will be worthwhile. They don’t understand that functionalism shares many opinions about the views of Chicago’s professor. The human mind is capable of random, unpredictable and making decisions. 
The basic function of this theory is that it highlights the human nervous system. Without complete information of the human nervous system, we cannot examine the changes of the human mind. The mind is the controller of the human body. A good memory and mind is the base of good future as well as a good life. Therefore, we should know the perspectives of functionalism theory in psychology. You should keep in mind that it does not convey the modes of composition and role of attention. It appears in the state of unconsciousness. Functionalism is the mixture of human sound, human brain and human behavior. It is the study of the complete human mental process.