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Friday, 16 August 2019

August 16, 2019

The Most Popular Ways to Deal with Bad Grade in College

Getting a good position in college is the most daunting task for all the students, because, the environment of the college is enjoyable and students take part in other social activities. Unfortunately, teachers also think that college work should be light for the entire student and they don’t give any punishment to the students for their negligence in the college.

Another reason for the bad grades is competition. As we know that we find hundreds of intelligent students in the college, therefore, getting good grades is extremely difficult for normal intellectual students. However, the weak intellectual level is not a reason for bad grades in the college. If you will adopt some ways then you will be able to get good grades.

Most popular ways to deal with bad grades in college.

1-Make a schedule: 

If you want to deal with bad grades in your college then you should make a study plan. As we know that good planning is the key to success, so, don’t lose your heart. You should encourage yourself. 

Don’t be a pessimist in your life. Taking another step can reach you at a high level. So, give up wrong and negative thinking and be an optimist about your future grades.
Make a good plan and set a routine for your study. If you will give a good time to your study then you can handle bad grades in the college.

2-Ask for help: 

Another way to handle bad grades in college is a help. Your senior will help you with your difficult question. Go and ask for help from your teacher and with your monitor of the class. You can also get professional assignment help for better grades. 

The first step that you should take is controlling on weak points. For example, if you are facing difficulty in some question then you should do these questions first.

3-Take exercise: 

In most case, we have seen that tension and stress affect our immune system. So, if you have got bad grades in college and you are thinking about your failure then you should think about your future. 

Getting regular exercise will release your stress and tension. Go to a good environment in order to feel relax.

Don’t leave eating in worry and stressful situation, indeed, take healthy or balanced food in this situation. You can eat your favorite foods. By eating favorite food you will feel happy and relaxed.

4- Give time to yourself and avoid drugs: 

You can write down your feelings on paper and express all your sadness. As we know that expectation can guide to stress, so, in the sadness situation, you should give time to yourself. 

Don’t try drugs as well as alcohol in stress feelings. You should keep in mind that it is a very bad habit and can ruin your life. 

Change your society and just chill out. Go to a walk and play your favorite game. Playing games can release your stress and tension.

In conclusion, we can say that these are good ways to handle stress in your college.

Friday, 9 August 2019

August 09, 2019

Practical Guide and Tips to Improve Academic Writing

Academic writing skill is reasonable to get success and higher education. Writing skills is an intellectual ability to set the words in a structural form. In this antagonism world, you must be skilled to convey your ideas, thoughts, and feelings with grace, clarity, and power.

Basically, academic writing is a style that everyone can improve by using beneficial resources. If you are poor in writing and your words possess no power then you should improve it, because, poor writing is just a waste of time. A poor structure will not convey the proper meaning of your selected topic.

Most students are skilled and intellectual to write impressive words and structure. However, there are many who are unable to write fluently. If you are unable to write your dissertation, thesis or essay then writing services can be of great help.

If you want to improve your academic writing, you should follow some tips that are given below:

Writer’s Enthusiasm and Interest

Writer’s enthusiasm and interest is a beneficial weapon that he or she can use in order to improve academic writing. It is not a method that we can learn or use, indeed, writing skills depend on the human mind and interest. As we find in our formal life that we learn most about things in which we are involved. We get information related to our interest. 

For example, if a person founds of technology, then it is clear he will learn each report related to ton technology. The same case is here; if you want to improve your academic writing then you should create an interest in writing. Use every style and adopt new things in order to improve your academic writing.

Use Formal Language and Appropriate Words

Using formal language grabs the attention of people to read the description. Academic writing skill requires formal language; because formal language is good and scientific method in order to publish intellectual information. You should provide a chain of thoughts in a concise and epigrammatic manner. Most famous writers always use a concise and pithy style of writing. For example, the famous writer Bertrand Russell uses clear and epigrammatic style. However, the clarity of style depends on the clarity of thoughts. So, convey your thoughts in a clear manner.

Be To the Point and Informative In Your Writing

If you want to improve your academic writing, then you should be to the point. Don’t try to create the jumble of words, because, the cluster of words will not convey the proper meaning. Don’t use unnecessary words in your writing; indeed, you should be informative. Adopt a unique style that reader can understand what you want to write or what you want to convey. The meaning of words lies in the structure. So, write in a good structural form in order to increase your marks.

Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing

Coping is a worse habit that you should avoid in your academic writing. Once you have adopted it then it will be difficult to leave it. Therefore, create your own thoughts and write original work. It is clear that original work always grabs the attention of people and has the power to convey the deep meaning of the text. Be creative and write fluently. Presentment original thoughts as well as ideas and give appreciation to the real author. Don’t imagine things superficial, indeed, be near to the reality and always write in a real form.

Use Right Vocabulary and Basic Grammar

If you want to become a good writer then it is most essential to building your vocabulary. If you have a good vocabulary then you can convey your ideas very easily. On the other hand, you will face many difficulties in your writing. Pick the words from different books and use them in your routine life. 

Don’t use meaningless words in your writing.

Always use simple and powerful words. Don’t use words that you don’t know the meaning. Always use those words that are simple and meaningful. Learn the basic structure of grammar. Improve your punctuation as well as tenses. Convey your ideas related to the sentence and age. Learn basic grammar such as the verb, adverb, adjective, and noun. If you have experience in punctuation marks then use them in the right place.

Edit, Edit, and Edit

Proofreading and editing is a good skill that you should adopt at every stage. If you want to improve your academic writing then you should reread your work. Check your mistakes that you have made in your writing. Highlight all your mistakes and then correct them. You should use online resources in order to improve your academic writing.

Friday, 2 August 2019

August 02, 2019

Define Functionalism in Psychology

Psychology is the study of mind and brain problems. In psychology, we highlight the main aspects of the human mind and we discuss what things affect the human brain. Without psychological study, we are unable to judge the function and parts of the human brain. To write an essay or assignment on a topic related to psychology you can get help from Essay Writing Services provider company.

Functionalism in psychology

Actually, functionalism is a theory presented by Edward L. Thorndike. This theory refers to a school of thought in whom we examine the utility of attention and the purpose of behaviour and it examines the behavior of the human mind that is existed for many years. He is best known for his unshakable confidence and experiments in psychology. The theory of functionalism is related to structuralism. As we know that structuralism is related to the text as well as content, similarly functionalism is related to the human brain and its functions. Catherine Kelsey has rightly pinpointed that functionalism is the process of the human brain and the moment of consciousness and unconsciousness.

According to William James

William James is the father of psychology and he has founded the theory of functionalism. Actually, functionalism is opposed to structuralism. We cannot complete our work with the knowledge of William James. He is doctor, philosopher and a good writer. He has stated that functionalism is the study of consciousness and consciousness that helps human beings to adapt and select new environment. The change of environment will change the mind of human beings. However, this theory presents different perspectives in which we can understand the positive effects of the human mind.

Different critics have presented different views about the theory of functionalism.

Most people have criticized it at a large scale. A few critics have said that functionalism is a philosophical thought and it has no real existence. However, it is a complete and thought-provoking theory that gives us complete information about the human mind. The theory of behaviouristic has rejected the function of human behaviour.

According to the followers of behaviouristic theory, functionalism in psychology is based on uncontrolled experiments that give us unnecessary information.

It is not eligible to give us complete information that will be worthwhile. They don’t understand that functionalism shares many opinions about the views of Chicago’s professor. The human mind is capable of random, unpredictable and making decisions. 
The basic function of this theory is that it highlights the human nervous system. Without complete information of the human nervous system, we cannot examine the changes of the human mind. The mind is the controller of the human body. A good memory and mind is the base of good future as well as a good life. Therefore, we should know the perspectives of functionalism theory in psychology. You should keep in mind that it does not convey the modes of composition and role of attention. It appears in the state of unconsciousness. Functionalism is the mixture of human sound, human brain and human behavior. It is the study of the complete human mental process.